Rangatiratanga: Leadership

Fostering the strength of Māori health leadership through the promotion and implementation of Leadership Programmes and Workforce Scholarships.

Effective Māori health leadership is critical to setting the foundation for addressing health disparities and to achieve improved Māori health outcomes. Supporting this leadership involves empowering individuals, whānau and local Māori iwi leaders, as well as leaders at each level of the health and disability sector. Te Rau Matatini does this by offering Leadership Programmes. We also believe investment in building the capacity of the Māori health workforce is vital to foster effective Māori leadership and that's why we have Workforce Scholarships.

Our leadership programmes encompass:

  • The management and delivery of Te Rau Matatini national programme with increased alignment to the goals health service development plans
  • Providing input into key sector initiatives and developments
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders
  • Delivering Māori leadership activities
  • The administration of a number of Ministry of Health funded scholarships programmes to build the capacity, capability and leadership of Māori working in the mental health & addiction sectors
  • Sector and community communications planning and dissemination
  • Joint workforce centre programmes where Te Rau Matatini is the key health Māori specialist
  • Advisory group contribution
  • Research and evaluation
  • Lead agent for engagement with Māori in the health sector
  • A strategic voice for the National Māori recruitment and retention programme
  • Rangatahi youth leadership.