Te Kiwai Rangahau: Data Intelligence, Information, Research & Evaluation

Te Kīwai Rangahau is the Research, Evaluation & Data Intelligence Unit of Te Rau Matatini based 233 Anglesea Str, Hamilton. 

This in-house Maori evaluation and research team enables the evaluation and assessment of the effectiveness of our  programmes and contributions to help others who need Maori evaluation and research expertise. We are  building our indigenous evidence base so we can demonstrate what works for Māori and for other indigenous communities.

As programmes or initiatives are evaluated it provides an insight into innovative approaches to Māori well-being and  helps reveal best practice in the sector. 

Our methodologies are strengths based. We look at what is solutions and strategies that align with spirituality, Maori values and we focus on what is working for whānau. The aim is to then disseminate information in a way that is easy to understand and accessible to everyone.